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Vocals-Mike IX Williams
Guitar-Philip H. Anselmo
Bass-Collin Yeo.

The culmination of long time friends uniting out of a sheer necessity to create “The Sound” of a time in the past that echoes forever in our rattled minds. We lived it. The shape of this type of rage in the 21st century, is a true threat to a genre which is in a sorry state of affairs, albeit in the subterranean hollow of a true underground scene.

Our mission is the re-introduction to the roots of painful amplification, raw production, and a TRUE “Fuck All” attitude, to a movement within the new generation that’s lost the meaning of simpler, less complicated ventures such as the original brutality of bands such as Negative Approach, Poison Idea, Hellhammer, Discharge, Void et al…

A 17 song full length has been recorded that makes the first ep sound like child’s play! Fucking brilliant!!

INSECURITY NOTORIETY: Released: October 12, 2010


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Body And Blood

Honestly, we have no idea when this particular hidden treasure will be dug up. However, we’re just keeping it visible and in your minds, so you know it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming....

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Bum Freak in Egypt

Scott Williams - Bass
Donovan Punch - Guitar
Misty Marshall - Vocals
Keith Sierra - Drums
Ben Stout - Guitar
Ramon Zelaya - Guitar and Vocals

Coming Soon

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It's 2010 and we're hard at work on our second full length album for an eventual release this year.

We have once again enlisted Sean Peters to produce. While you're waiting, we still have copies of Into Bolivian available, as well as the Housecore Compilation Volume 1.

You can order those directly from the internet. We have a few t-shirts left available at our shows.

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Christ Inversion

Vocals-Wayne Fabra
Guitar-Philip H. Anselmo
Bass-Jay Gracianette
Drums-Gary Herbert
Keys-Ross Karpleman

Crushing riffs, thunderous drums, and atmospheric keyboards entwine each extreme composition and complement Wayne’s vocal torture to make CHRIST INVERSION a compelling and unforgiving listen. Although often compared with early 80s bands such as Sodom and Celtic Frost, and early 90s bands such as Beherit and Darkthrone, CHRIST INVERSION’s distinctive sound clearly separates them from any other “Black Metal” band.

Self titled 1st LP on sale now!

Second full length: 13th Century Lucifarian Rites due out soon...


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The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight

Jimmy Bower-guitar
Paul Webb-guitar
Andy Shepherd-bass
Joey Lacaze-drums
Ross Karpelman-organ

The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight was founded in 1996 as an instrumental side-project by members of New Orleans bands Eyehategod, Down and Crowbar. This project has allowed the members to explore music outside their native metal genre. After several years of shows in New Orleans with the occasional out-of-town show they recorded their self-titled debut album on Tee Pee Records in 2000. This was followed by The Father, the Son and the Holy Smoke, a split release with Acid King on Man's Ruin Records. The Father, the Son and the Holy Smoke featured Scott "Wino" Weinrich (The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand) on vocals. That same year they released a split 7" with The Obsessed that features both bands covering Lynyrd Skynyrd. The Mystick Krewe covers "Cheatin Woman" and features Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity on vocals. They have also been featured on compilations such as Inhale and High Volume: The Stoner Rock Collection-wikipedia

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Child Bite









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Kirk Windstein - Guitar and Vocals
Matt Brunson - Guitar
Tommy Buckley - Drums
Jeff Golden - Bass

1989. That's 24 long years ago. Countless memories. Some still vivid, most just a blur. The one constant thing has been my focus and desire. The same vision I had in '89 is still burning strong in my head. Possibly stronger than ever. When you put this much blood, sweat and tears into something you can never look back. Fueled by the down-tuned sludge of the Melvins and the over-the-top aggression of Peter Steele's Carnivore, I set out to create my own beast and Crowbar was born. The band's sound was labeled Doom-Core by the European press shortly after the debut release of OBEDIENCE THRU SUFFERING. I found it to be quite fitting then and still do honestly. Crowbar have released 9 full length cd's, the second selling over 100,000 units worldwide. We threw in a live EP and a few compilations for good measure and that's where we stand today. Anyone who knows Crowbar is familiar with the numerous label and line-up changes over the years. I couldn't be more happy with the group of guys in our current lineup. In terms of musicianship, loyalty and friendship, this is our strongest lineup to date. Period.

Crowbar are furiously writing a new full length for you. We will also be re-releasing most of our back catalog and a new live +2 full length thru Housecore records. I've lived a thousand life times over the course of the last 24 years, but this old dog's got a lot more than you think left in the tank! - KIrk


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Comnig Soon

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Damien Storm

His work self dubbed as ‘strange, mysterious & scary ’ most original among the major artists who’ve created music in and around New Orleans, and the rest of the planet for that matter!

DS is one in a million!!! After listening to his music, one may ask, “What the Hell am I listening to?” Don’t ask. Just bask in the glory of the absurd. You may hold it against me for saying so, but I could care less. DS is pure genius. As each masterpiece is released in succession over time, listen as his musical prowess grows.

Not only are there 3 full length recordings, there’s a 5 video dvd plus a full length movie “The Origins of Damien Storm”.

If you’re out of your mind you can’t pass up these jewels--it’s priceless!


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The Donovan Punch Experience

Comnig Soon





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Evil Army

Rob Evil - Vocals, guitars
Jared - Bass
Michael Murder - Drums

Relentless raw energy that sounds like old DRI meets Bathory (if you can imagine that), with metallic, ripping lead guitar assaults. The South's best kept circle-pit secret. Way before the trend, these kids were thrashing to kill without a care in the world. Memphis old-school murder metal that's ready to take out an eye. Conquer Human Life!

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Exactly Violent Style

Formed in 2001 (pre-formed by kjh in 2000),Tokyo based psycho swampt hard-boiled metal,Exactly violent style begun to start since mid of 2001. Exactly violent style did much gig, shared stage with huge bands. Exactly violent style released self titled 1st full-length on kjh's label Negative federal fund records in March 2005(CDR released in 2003).we supported Brutal truth drummer Rich hoak's noiz project Peacemaker Japan tour 05'.After the tour,biginning member DoutzcheF(Ba) left this band due to his personal reason.then we got a new bassist battle-ship nagato.Then we dicided US tour.At first we found tour mate band Burn the masses was hate core,stomp grind from memphis.Confirming tour was so tough. but we were helped by the guy from relapse,rich hoak,unholy torio from chicago metal promoter and burn the masses. tour was so nice and we had great experience .We shared stage with Decrypt,sin of angels,The dream is dead,Total fucking destruction,Fuck the facts,Ghoul..really amazing. then back to Japan, we did short tour then we got into the studio. recording and mixing were done in Aug 08'.It will be released in somewhen 2009.

We destroy your tepid stereotypes and own you.

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Preaching the End-Time Message

New Orleans' EYEHATEGOD have spent the last two decades at odds with a corrupt music industry, using their music as a proverbial middle finger, aimed at everything from government officials, sanctimonious shitheads hiding behind organized religion and your own local police force. They have defied all odds and continue to exist and persist despite personal and professional setbacks; from major drug addiction to natural disasters (i.e. Katrina) etc... In the midst of all this turmoil, EYEHATEGOD have become the high water mark when it comes to so called sludge metal and hardcore rock and roll blues, having birthed rock's unholy bastards and inspiring multiple others, then feasting on the teat that BLACK SABBATH and BLACK FLAG built. They became the cornerstone for countless other sonic acolytes following in their fetid footsteps and continue to inspire bands around the world.

- - - - --

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Shaun Emmons-Vocals
Grant Tom-Guitar
Bret Davis-Basa
Keith Sierra-Drums

They literally beat the ever-loving shit out of you with their music, repeatedly. Whether they play a seamless set (which they often do), or not, there is no denying that they’re a band ready to graduate to a more widespread visibility. Not only does haarp bring a crushing resuscitation to the New Orleans scene with their unforgiving brand of music, which absolutely fits the classic “N.O. Sound”, but they bring a new vitality to Heavy Metal music in general. haarp are that amazing.

Remember, haarp is spelled with all lowercase letters; not to be confused with the actual instrument played by fictitious angels.


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Avant-garde, Black Metal from Fayetteville, Arkansas.

- - -



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Formed in 2008 originally as a quartet (and operating as a trio since 2011) and featuring members of southern punk super-group Arson Anthem, PonyKiller released their first record, 'The Wilderness,' on Housecore Records. Their music is a blend of psychedelic punk and jazz. They completed a national with the band Down ( in September of 2011. They will be supporting Down on three dates at the end of May. They have also played with such acts as Jello Biafra, Dead Meadow, Jucifer, Eyehategod, Hank III and played the SXSW festival in 2011.

Live, original members Collin Yeo (vocals, guitar) and Tim Nolan (drums) along with new bassist recruit Mike Ledet perform as a dazzling power trio.

- -

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Rat in a Bucket

Rat in a Bucket began playing in 2000 when Ramon, Keith, and Shaun decided to start playing grindcore. The band initially played noisy, neurotic grind, influenced by early Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Melt-Banana, and the like; the songs were short, angry, chaotic, and dizzying. Over time, songs became longer, heavier, more structured, and reflected more metal influences. Rat in a Bucket continues to utilize unusual time signatures and multiple tempo changes within the songs, which range from slow and heavy to fast and manic. The guitar, bass, drums, and vocals are individually dynamic, yet manage to unify to create a unique sound. Yes, this bio has been used to death, but it took us long enough to write it in the first place. So if you think we need a new one, you are free then to submit your own.

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Shell Shock

Shell Shock was the first hardcore band in New Orleans. Forming in 1980, They released 3 albums and 2 7-inches in their career and not long after their Metal Blade debut "No Tomorrow" was recorded, the last original member of the band, Mike "Hatch-Boy" Hatch committed suicide in November of 1988. The remaining members (Kirk Windstein, Jimmy Bower, and Mike Savoie) continued to write new music using the name Aftershock and evolved into the band that is now known as Crowbar.


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Sky High

Donovan Punch, guitar virtuoso, and one of the true free spirits on the face of the Earth, & his 10 yr. old daughter Azreal Crazy Marshall, deliver a beauty that has to be heard to be believed. Azreal’s voice is mature, utilizing complex melodies that blend perfectly within her fathers intricate arrangements that harkens back to the days when Led Zeppelin or even Jethro Tull were at their peak. But an odd originality lurks within Sky High’s music. And Azzy’s lyrical content, are just a reflection of her parents clean & sober, “hippie” style of love & freedom concept of life itself. Her lyrics and voice with Donovan’s song writing, this is superb, mature and unique. Full length due late ’09/early ’10.


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Soilent Green

Named after a 1970s sci-fi flick about a scandalous food substitute made from dead people, intended to save a nation crippled by the effects of global warming, Soilent Green was formed in 1988 by guitarists Brian Patton, Donovan Punch, drummer Tommy Buckley, and vocalist Glenn Rambo following their communal exodus from NOLA death metal troupe, Nuclear Crucifixion. Rambo eventually left the band and Patton — doing double-duty with his “side” gig Eyehategod —Punch and Buckley were eventually joined by bassist Scott Williams and vocalist Ben Falgoust of local death/grinders Paralysis. Following a bevy of demos and myriad local gigs, the band signed to Dwell records and released the now-legendary 1995 Pussysoul debut upon unsuspecting ears. A raw, downtrodden fusion of death, grind, dark hardcore and doom with subtle blues swagger seemingly inherent to bands from the Bayou State, Pussysoul proved without question that Soilent had something viable to offer adventurous ears. But it was the band’s live performance that told a far more detailed story. Marked by Falgoust’s commanding stage presence, a penchant for instrumental precision and a collective sonic crush, Soilent Green quickly became a cult favorite among ‘heads searching for something more ominous in their metal diets.

- - - -

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The Sursiks

David Minnick, et al

The following description refers to the first Sursiks CD, "I Didn't Know I was Singing".

The Sursiks, the masters of musical reverse-engineering, have taken 16 phone messages from the answering machines of family members and friends and set them to music, largely unaltered. The messages are not simply slapped on top of pre-existing music for the sake of novelty, but they ARE the melodic material from which the rest of the music is born. The result is a truly brilliant, hilarious and mind-altering concept album that will change the way that you listen to the human voice out in the real world.

Because the lyrics were all improvised when the messages were recorded, they contain a type of honesty and life that pre-meditated singing often lacks. Emotions from the whole rage of human experience, (joy, anger, loneliness, drunkenness, deceit, humor, contrition, alienation, envy and desire) are matched and amplified by excellent musicians playing real instruments.

The musicians include 3 members of the legendary American ska band "Gangster Fun", and the playing is all top-notch. The musical style and instrumentation varies from song to song, which makes it an interesting listen all the way through. The arrangements are deep and colorful enough to still be interesting after listening many times.

Can’t wait to blow your minds in the near future with this opus!


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"Extremely heavy, unique, complex and innovative Avant-Garde music from Italy featuring the brilliant Dalila Kayros on vocals and Noise. This band bucks every trend possible with an ear assault not likely found in today's Heavy Metal scene."

"Dalila Kayros is a breath of power and 100% organic new life into "the thinking person's" Art-Rock scene. Compared often to Diamanda Galas, Kayros shows witchy wisdom a few new tricks whilst conjuring similarities not heard since Bjork's "Post" LP. A must for music fans that live on the edge!"

PHA '14


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Vocals - Ronny Sorkness
Bass & Vocals - Kenneth Sorkness
Lead Guitar, Keyboard & Vocals - Frank Wanberg
Guitar - Kenneth Robin Olsen
Drums & Vocals - Gylve Fenriz Nagell

Pure stoner rock from Norway, featuring Fenriz from the mighty Darkthrone on drums. Slow & grooving, with free riding, free smoking, dirt-head biker themes that’ll drone its hooks into your THC filled head. After going through numerous styles and line-up changes these blackened Norwegians settled on a psych-doom sound that suits the cold winter and dark atmosphere of their frozen homeland.

Valhal l- “Red Planet” out in stores and here at the Housecore Store!
Load up a bong and buy a copy!

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Bruce Corbitt (Rigor Mortis) - Vocals
Bobby Tillotson aka "J.R." - Lead Guitar
Scott Shelby (Gammacide/Hammer Witch/Rotting Corpse) - Lead Guitars
Joe Gonzalez (Demonseed) - Drums
Casey Orr - Bass

Old school Metal the way it’s supposed to be played. Featuring Bruce Corbitt (Rigor Mortis) on vox, & ex-members from Ft. Worth thrashers Gammacide, these Texas mainstays are cranking out quality music that takes the listener back to the late ‘80’s thrash days.

Thank goodness. Great stuff to break your neck to in the pit, or just by head banging in your car.

Full length has been recorded with Philip Anselmo co-producing some stuff out of Nodferatu’s Lair!

-- -

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Due to overwhelming response, we cannot go to individual pages to check out new bands looking to be signed by Housecore.
Sorry. Not enough time in the days! But PLEASE, send two (2) copies of your demo or unreleased recordings to:

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