Hey all,

Kirk here.Got a good bit of good news to announce. CROWBAR will be re-releasing the majority of the back catalog thru HOUSECORE RECORDS. These releases will be the ONLY official re-releases that myself and the band have agreed to. There are countless unauthorized re-releases out there. These were never ok'd by me and are basically screwing the band.

Most of these will be released on vinyl for the first time. We will also be putting out a limited edition Box Set as well as a new live record and a cd of new material.

Please check thehousecorerecords.com for frequent updates.

Also, CROWBAR and Goatwhore will be playing a show friday may 29th at Grant Street in Lafayette,LA.

Thanks for your support. And remember kids...NONE FUCKING HEAVIER !!!



 HELLO, HOW ARE YOU (?), AND THANK YOU                                                        BY PHILIP H. ANSELMO
I’d like to begin by paying the deepest respects, on behalf of everyone involved w/ HOUSECORE RECORDS, to the family, friends, and band members facing the loss of EVIL ARMY bassist Matt “Bones” Brown, who passed away Feb. 8. Matt was tragically taken from us too soon, and his memory will live in all of our hearts. Rest little brother, rest… EVIL ARMY will return… and I believe that’s the way Matt would’ve wanted it. 

	 It’s been a while since I’ve reached out, so lets recap a few events: HOUSECORE RECORDS have released the 2007 ARSON ANTHEM EP, and the first CHRIST INVERSION full length CD, circa 1994. Super-fucking-giant thanks to all who bought those-there items. 
	Another big “thank you” to all of you who’ve scored some t-shirts; both the HOUSECORE RECORDS and ARSON ANTHEM shirts. It’s always a pleasant kick-in-the-ass seeing you loyal people out there across the country and overseas sporting either of ‘em. Buy more!
Christ Inversion shirts are on here!

     In 2009, we have a lot of shit to get done! 
Norwegian Doom merchants VALHALL (featuring session drummer FENRIZ from the mighty DARKTHRONE) will be re-releasing their third full-length CD entitled, “RED PLANET” through HOUSECORE RECORDS in the extreme near future. The re-releasing of their first two CD’s is also in the works.

Expect to see SOILENT GREEN: THE GLENN RAMBO YEARS available. This is a collection of the earliest recorded demos circa 1988-’91, from one of today’s most popular and respected thrash/grindcore bands. Take into consideration that despite its “old demo” quality, this full-length CD demonstrates that even at their starting point, Soilent Green were extreme musical monsters. 
Insane rhythms, fret board gymnastics, and guttural vocals have been a part of “The Green’s” repertoire since the inception of the band. 


    This CD is also a heart-felt tribute to the band’s original vocalist GLENN RAMBO, who was taken from us as a result of the devastation Hurricane Katrina left in it’s path. Any collector of extreme music will need this, or if you’re just a Soilent Green freak, this CD is a must to own. 
A limited run of t-shirts will be available for a short time only! Watch out for them all of you zany collectors of rare items!

    	First of all, ‘The Philip and Mike Show’ has been a blast to do. A fucking blast! But look, the entire concept is at an infantile stage, so bare with our Devilish incompetence. HOUSECORE RADIO will soon be opening up our in-studio telephone lines, so when we’re taping the show, you can give us a buzz! (A telephone # will be made available)— Mike and I will take questions, play requests, or just talk shit. We’ll also be making our own phone calls to various music personalities, boxing madmen, local N.O. personalities, artists, etc. 
	Remember, the entire point of HOUSECORE RADIO is to play music that Mike and I appreciate, to bring people everywhere up to date on what’s going on with us face-to-face, instead of through outside sources! I’ll continue to honor the great sport of boxing with a full report on recent happenings, Mike will keep you informed about whatever he feels like talking about, but most importantly, it’s up to YOU to express your deepest desire to see and hear this masterpiece-of-a-show! (Ha!) We’ve had a real nice response to our first segment, and with three more segments almost ready to go, I suggest you stay tuned, or get harpooned!
	PS: If anybody wants to know why DOWN has been sidelined, check this out: here’s a shot of me recovering from surgery (again!). This time it was a semi-torn ACL and a semi-torn meniscus. With plans to do some jamming during the healing process, trust me, DOWN will return!